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vendredi, décembre 28, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

Just a few words to thank you all for your precious support in 2007, and all the iPhone developers, webmasters, graphists I had the opportunity to collaborate with during this year.

I look forward to start 2008 plenty of new projects !

Cheers and thanks again for your support.

Cédric - CedSoft

Quelques mots pour vous remercier de votre précieux soutient en 2007, ainsi qu'aux développeurs, graphistes, webmasters avec qui j'ai eu le bonheur de collaborer cette année.

J'ai hâte de commencer 2008 avec plein de nouveaux projets !

Merci encore pour votre soutient.

Cédric - CedSoft

PhotoBoard upgrade to 0.3.1 - Multitouch photo browser

PhotoBoard alpha 0.3.1 is now out.

Changes :

  • Settings menu enabled (user can change the wallpaper brightness)
  • Bring the pictures on top when touched (change layers order)
  • Allow user to add photos from a list of thumbnails / names (instead of adding them without selection)
  • Allow jpg and png files
  • Resize pictures when loading them to improve performance (max bounds are 800x800);
  • Keep ratio aspect (for example, if you have a square picture, it will not stretch to 4/3 ratio).
  • Some minor graphics improvements

iPod touch user :
Since iPod touch doesn't have a camera roll, you need to manually add the pictures in the /var/root/Media/DCIM/100APPLE/ directory

Todo in next versions :
What would be good for both iPod/iPhone users is to load pictures from photo library like in the Photo.app (iSketch.app has a menu like this so I'm sure it's possible)

I've also noticed than Photo.app has a progressive picture loading. It would be interesting to use it in PhotoBoard to remove loading time.

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mardi, décembre 18, 2007

PhotoBoard.app - Multitouch photo browser

PhotoBoard alpha 0.2.1 is out.

Features :
  • Multi pictures support
  • Load pictures from Camera Roll
  • Keep user wallpaper
This is a new app name for Multitouch.app.
You can add pictures from Camera Roll by touching the screen and loading them from the popup menu.

The app is available from Installer.app source : http://prog.cedsoft.free.fr

Todo in next versions :
  • Camera Roll, Photo lists to load (like the classic Photo.app)
  • Setup screen : set wallpaper opacity
  • Rotate the full board
  • Enable videos adding/playing
  • etc.

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samedi, décembre 15, 2007

iPool for iPhone : Project started

I was thinking about making a pool game for a while, using the balls physics I've used in iSnake.
I've just started to code it. More informations soon.

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Crayon Physics ported to iPhone by Thiago Ramon !

I was just planning to build a 2D physics collision engine and I've seen that the famous Petri Purho's Crayon Physics (Kloonigames) has been ported to iPhone by Thiago Ramon.

In this game, you can solve puzzles by drawing shapes to make a ball reach a little red square (a little star in the original version) using the gravity.

You can do your own level, some are very original (Crayon golf, Astrophysics, etc.) more informations on R4m0n's blog.

Here is the video :