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lundi, mars 24, 2008

Photoboard 2.0 in progress - Running on 1.2/2.0 firmware emulator

This is an early preview of the next version of Photoboard App for iPhone / iPod Touch.

There are some new ways of moving the pictures :
- Moving several pictures at the time
- Moving / rotating the whole photo board
- Moving a picture while scrolling through the board

The previous "scaling by pinching" feature is missing in the video and still under development.
This version runs on the 1.2 firmware emulator (included in Apple SDK)

Note : It's not really exiting to use it with a mouse on the emulator...
I can't wait to test it on a real device, when the Apple Developer Program will be released, *officially* in June...

Pictures (Omer & Mario):
Music :

mardi, mars 04, 2008

Videos in Photoboard - Proof of Concept

I've just rewrote a part of PhotoBoard app to enable multitouch on every graphical object.
It could be photos, videos, text (mails, sms, mms), 3D shapes, etc.

Je viens de réécrire une partie de l'app Photoboard pour la gestion multitouch de tout objet graphique. Cela peut être des photos, vidéos, textes (mails, sms, mms), objets 3D, etc.